Quid agitur? (March 19th)

Registration for the 2017 CANE Summer Institute at Brown University is now open. The theme is “The View From a Distance: Perspectives on the Greeks and Romans From Across Space and Time.” We will consider the views and responses to Greece and Rome by contemporaneous “others” from around the ancient world, as well as reactions and adaptations of Greek and Roman culture in later literature and physical art. Whether you are a teacher of Latin and/or Greek, history, English, the arts, or other related disciplines; an undergraduate or graduate student; or a devoted lifelong learner, you will enjoy a thoughtful and enriching experience that includes a wide variety of mini-courses, lectures, workshops, reading groups, and special events while also offering many opportunities for conversation and collegial interaction among participants.

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About Stephen Farrand

I've been teaching Latin to high school students, on and off, for 30 years. I've worked in both private and public schools in 4 states. I hope to finish my career with my current job at Maine Coast Semester at Chewonki, where I work part-time. I have been a proponent of oral Latin in the classroom for a long time: I remember sitting at a Mensa Latina at CANE with Alan Dobsevage in about 1989, and I shocked my fiancee by speaking Latin to my uncle (a Jesuit) at a family gathering in 1990. I've also worked hard to learn Russian, so I speak a modern language with a case system like Latin's and flexible word order.