Quid Agitur (April 30)

Temperatures are up and the days are getting longer. The warm season approaches along with the perennial question: How can I fit more of the Classics fit into my summer?!

Well, look no further! Register now for the for the 2017 CANE Summer Institute at Brown University! This year, the theme is “The View From a Distance: Perspectives on the Greeks and Romans From Across Space and Time,” inviting consideration of perspectives from around the ancient world as they reflected on Greek and Roman societies as well as adaptions of Greek and Roman culture in later literature and art. Undergraduates, graduate students, and teachers at any level in the fields of Latin, Greek, History, English, the Arts, or other related disciplines, as well as lifelong learners are encouraged to register! Look forward to a thoughtful and enriching experience that includes a variety of mini-courses, lectures, workshops, reading groups, and special events while also offering opportunities for conversation and warm collegiality among participants.

Classical Association of Massachusetts Spring Meeting, “Topics in Classical Pedagogy,” will be held Saturday May 6, 2017 from 10 AM – 3 PM at Westwood High School, Westwood, MA. Registration cost for members of CAM: $25. (non-members: $35). This fee includes a catered lunch. Up to ten content PDPs available upon request. Click here for a flier, the registration form and the program!

  • Visit the CANE News page, which lists CANE-sponsored events, events connected to Classics throughout New England, and events around the country of interest to students and instructors.
  • Links to the New England states’ classical associations: NH, VT, ME, MA, RI, CT.