Fun and Games

There are times when it’s nice to have a game ready to play with your class. Here’s a variety of options.

Games that require the internet and a projector/shared computer

Game that requires preparation

  • Rota (print boards or have students draw them, make markers)

Games that don’t require preparation

  • The Dictionary Game
  • One word stories: Students retell a story from a reading (in Latin or English), with each saying one word to make up a complete sentence and then paragraphs
  • Vocabulary Baseball

About Lydia Haile Fassett

Lydia is the Editor of CANEPress and is currently on maternity leave from teaching Latin and Classics at Academy Hill School in Springfield, MA. Her research interests include the use of technology in the classroom, Roman textiles, the Classical tradition, and Suetonius. Follow her on Twitter via @magistrahf.