Links for 9 May

Vote for Deciphering Ancient Texts in the Digital Age to be produced as a MOOC. (via @ThomasKoentges)

Map of Ancient Rome superimposed on a Google Map of Rome. (via @classicslibrary)

Looking for something really cute and fun?  Check out Corgito Ergo Sum, the continuing adventures of a Time-Travelling, Roman Corgi!  New episodes every Thursday!

Romans Revealed, a fun new resource to use with students!  (via @etclassics)


About Emily Lewis

Emily was once a Latin teacher in Massachusetts, but was recently transplanted to Northern Virginia, where she continues to teach Latin and serve as a member of The Pericles Group. She is also an advocate for technology in the language classroom, spoken Latin, and a member of the SALVI Board. Follow her on Twitter @blueathena14.