Vergilian Hip Hop, Stoic Week, and News from Rome – Links for 21 November

Here are some fun, curious, or interesting things that we’ve found this week!

Did you know that the 2nd international Stoic week is about to begin? Click the link to access the blog, an activity handbook, and more.

The New Haven Independent has an article about local Latin teacher, Andrew Sweet, and his classes’ adventures in meter with Vergil and hip-hop. Read all about it and see the video for Hip Hop Hexameter!

The Vatican is once again publishing their journal Latinitas.

The BBC has an article about a controversy surrounding some recently re-opened Roman catacombs.

Finally, check out the just-launched Digital Hadrian’s Villa Project. Interactive maps, 360 degree panoramic images, short lecture videos, and more! It requires Adobe Flash to utilize.

About TJ Howell

TJ is a UMASS Amherst MAT alumnus and teaches Latin, and Greek when he can, at Belchertown High School in Massachusetts. He holds a weekly Latin Conversation Hour in Amherst, MA and must be a heretic because he isn't convinced Virgil is the best Latin poet.