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CANE Happenings

  • Don’t forget to register for CANE’s 111th Annual Meeting!  All that you need to know regarding how to sign up and what to expect can be found HERE.
  • Registration is now open for the 2017 CANE Summer Institute, which has the theme “The View from a Distance: Perspectives on the Greeks & Romans from across Space and Time.”  The institute will take place July 10-15 at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.  For details about this summer’s lectures, mini-courses, and workshops, as well as instructions for registration, click here!

Greater New England Happenings

  • National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week is scheduled for March but can be celebrated whenever convenient for your classroom; you can use any day or week to talk to your students about the joys and realities of becoming a Latin teacher.  We need more teachers ready to take up the charge, as we know from the article which Ronnie Ancona and Kathleen Durkin wrote for Amphora  There are many resources to be found here, including a mini-grant application.  Grants of up to $200 can be requested every other year and can be put toward receptions, speakers, giveaways, and more.  It would be especially wonderful to see more K-12 teachers taking advantage of the funding opportunities available.  Please contact Keely Lake ( for more information.”
  • The Bernice L. Fox writing contest (sponsored by the Classics Department at Monmouth College) has announced its topic: A Figure from Classical History, Literature, or Mythology as the Next President of the United States.  Make a pitch for a classical figure as president, or depict that person acting as president or on the campaign trail.  Entries are due March 15th.  Their website has more details (though the topic is from last year).
  • The NYU Center for Ancient Studies and The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, in conjunction with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, will present a symposium on “The Age of Empires: Comparisons and Interactions between East and West in Antiquity,” on April 6, 7, & 9, 2017.  It will take place in The Met’s Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium.  This program is offered in association with the exhibition, “Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 B.C. – A.D. 220),” at The Met. Flyer here.
    14th international congress of the Academia Latinitati Fovendae Conventiculum Lexintoniense: 20-26 July 2017
    Conventus XIV Academiae Latinitati Fovendae: 27-31 July 2017. The 14th international congress of the Academia Latinitati Fovendae, along with the Conventiculum Lexintoniense will take place at the University of Kentucky, Lexington in July, 2017.Journeys is the theme for the 14th international congress of the Academia Latinitati Fovendae. This is the first time the ALF international conference will be celebrated in America. The conference will be conducted entirely in the Latin language, and will include a full range of academic sessions, plenary lectures, and social events related to the theme. A draft program will be published in June 2017.The Conventiculum Lexintoniense is an immersion seminar designed to foster ex-tempore expression in Latin through conversations on topics as varied as art, literature, and daily life. While no previous experience in speaking Latin is necessary, all participants should be able to read unadapted Latin texts. Through the use of active Latin, attendees find that they acquire a more instinctive command of the language and, as a result, a more intimate relationship with Latin writings.A non-refundable entrance fee of $120, which covers both conferences, must be received by May 1, 2017. Those interested in participating in these two Latin language conferences should contact Prof. Terence Tunberg at the following e-mail address: more information, visit: (English version) (Latin version)
  • TUSCULUM VIRGINIANUM is the only event of its kind offering a week-long total immersion in an environment and schedule crafted for teenagers. The program is scheduled for July 31st to August 5th 2017 in McDowell, Virginia. TUSCULUM VIRGINIANUM brings the powerful experiences of the Conventiculum or Rusticatio to high school students in order to encourage their continued study of the Classics through high school and college.
    I invite you to take a look at our webpage. Please support this non-profit outreach by adding it to the relevant announcements, news tabs, and newsletters or by sharing it through social media. Questions can be directed
  • Would you like to travel abroad? And to have help paying for it?  The Vergilian Society is offering exciting study tours in 2017 including “Northern Italy and Croatia,” “Latin Authors in Italy,” “Roman Britain,” and “Gladiators and Roman Spectacle”. These programs are specifically designed to benefit and appeal to teachers at all levels by providing them the opportunity to experience a rich variety of ancient sites to support their own understanding and teaching of the ancient world. See the full tour descriptions on the Vergilian Society website at  (Nota bene!  Almost $100,000 in scholarship money is available:
  • The Boston Area Classics Calendar has a lot going on, and a weekly email digest of upcoming events.
  • If you live in the western Massachusetts, northern Connecticut, or southern Vermont area you may be interested in Amherst College’s list of upcoming lectures in the Pioneer Valley.
  • The Western MA Conversational Hour is meeting every Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Esselon Cafe in Hadley, MA for a Latin Lunch. For details, contact TJ Howell.
  • Grey Fox Tutors is offering a free weekly Skype Conversational Latin
    Workshop for all current or former Latin teachers or TAs. The Workshop is an opportunity for teachers to gain Latin speaking skills that they can then use in their own classrooms. It is currently held on
    Saturdays at 2 PM EST; additional times and days, however, may be
    added in the future as needed. For more information please contact

    Katerina Ourgi at or call (212)

  • In the Boston area? Check out the Active Latin Meetup page for events.
  • Central Connecticut State University is working to create a certification program for the teaching of Latin. Attached you will find the program of studies. In order to make this idea come to fruition we are seeking support from Latin groups. We need at least 10 students to sign up for this cohort in order to run the program. As an incentive to enroll into the program we are looking for funding to offer scholarships to help defray the cost of course work at the University level. If you are interesting in supporting this initiative in any way please contact me at the below email address. Gina Gallo Reinhard
  • Grey Fox Tutors is offering a free weekly Skype Conversational Latin Workshop for all current or former Latin teachers or TAs.  The Workshop is an opportunity for teachers to gain Latin speaking skills that they can then use in their own classrooms. It is currently held on Saturdays at 2 PM EST; additional times and days, however, may be added in the future as needed.  For more information please contact Katerina Ourgi at or call (212) 203-8734.


  • Our jobs page has been updated with new openings! Take a look for opportunities in western Massachusetts and New Hampshire.