Guidelines for Presenters


  1. In order to propose a paper or workshop for presentation at the CANE Annual Meeting, submit an abstract of the paper, or description of the workshop, by clicking here.
  2. Only members of CANE may submit proposals. To become a member, click here for a membership form.
  3. Paper abstracts should be clearly written and should state the thesis or conclusion of your research. Please limit them to 300 words. In those rare circumstances where you believe that a thesis or conclusion is not called for, you should explain clearly why that is the case (an example of such an exception might be for the presentation of preliminary results from ongoing archaeological fieldwork). Your title should plainly indicate to a general audience the subject matter of the paper. If your paper is accepted, you may revise your abstract before it is posted online prior to the Annual Meeting; you may also revise it after the Meeting, before publication in the CANE Annual Bulletin.
  4. Workshop descriptions should include the intended audience, an account of what the presenter will provide, and an indication of the sorts of activities that participants will engage in. If your workshop is accepted, you will be required to provide a CV to the Coordinator of Educational Programs, in order that CEUs may be awarded to those who participate in the workshop.
  5. It is important to include Audio-Visual requirements as part of your proposal. Check the appropriate boxes on the proposal form, or, if necessary, add your requirements to your abstract or description.
  6. It is very important that presenters of papers be aware of the time limits for presentations. Papers should be able to be read in twenty minutes, including (if possible) time for follow-up questions. Presiders at paper sessions may need to cut off speakers after twenty minutes.
  7. Workshop presenters should have at least 40 copies of handouts available; presenters of papers should have at least 75 copies available. Handouts should include translation of any passages in Latin or Greek. Presenters, if they wish, may email copies of handouts to the Webmaster to be posted on the CANE web site, either before or after the Annual Meeting.