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Emporium Romanum

CANE is pleased to provide a variety of  exceptional resources and inspiring accessories at the Emporium Romanum.  Our inventory has been created in response to teacher requests and suggestions.  All items in the Emporium Romanum are designed and created by classicists in New England who share a deep love for Latin, Greek, and the culture and history of the ancient Mediterranean world.

The entire Emporium inventory, including our new Arethusa and Classical Birds tote bags, will be available at the CANE Annual Meeting in March 2017 at Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH.  The Emporium Romanum offers special discounts for CANE members at this exciting event!



Set of 12 Latin Motto Pencils

Set of 12 Latin Motto Pencils



Classical Birds Canvas Tote Bag – Two different designs – one on each side!


Arethusa Tote Bag

Coin of Sicily featuring Arethusa and Dolphins on front

Cicero quotation on Reverse

Gold Ink on Black or Royal Blue


 3 Latin Notepads

Latin Notepads

Current offerings at the Emporium Romanum include Latin motto rulers and pencils, blank journals with covers featuring classical art and classical themes, classroom prints of ancient art and architecture, ancient and classical maps, notepads, stationery, jewelry, and other essential classical items.

At the Emporium you will always find a wide array of resources and accessories to inspire teachers, students, and all those interested in the ancient Mediterranean world and its languages!

Please contact Donna Lyons with any questions or requests about the Emporium Romanum.  

Donna can be reached by email at

Thank you for browsing CANE’s Emporium Romanum!

Ancillary Materials:

For those of you who have bought CANE’s Caesar prints and/or rulers, take a look at the accompanying guides, which provide some context and ideas for using the prints and rulers in the classroom.  Please note we are periodically expanding our CANE Latin Ruler Guide, so check back for the latest version.  If you have any suggestions or additions for this guide, please contact Donna Lyons.  Both guides are ready for download!

Guide to Caesar’s Campaigns

Guide to the CANE Ruler