Links for the Week of 9 December

Information about the ancient world from grape seeds: (via @DrKillgrove)

Rick Riordan has a teacher’s guide for the Camp Half Blood Books: (via @etclassics)

A summary of how the Oracle at Delphi worked: (via @rogueclassicist)

A searchable resource on Latin poetry (including post-Classical): (via @Horatiana)

The text of Asclepiodotus is now available on Lacus Curtius for all of you ancient military fans: (via @LacusCurtius)

Onasander makes a Lacus Curtius appearance as well: (via @LacusCurtius)

The NJCL creative writing contest, with entries due in February, has been announced: (via @quinnkl)

The Cloaca Maxima may be in danger of collapsing: (via @jntribolo)

A nice collection of Greek readers: (via @bretmulligan)

An online Greek-English dictionary: (via @foundy17)

Pictures of Roman razors: (via @jntribolo)

Perseus has a list of scholarly abbreviations: (via @SarahEBond, who points out that this is helpful to give to students)

Links for the Week of 28 October

General advice on bellringers: (via @NEAToday)

Link to an article about differentiation in the Classics classroom (scroll down the page; link is to a pdf): (via @classicslibrary)

A dictionary of mythology (each letter links to a pdf): (via @classicslibrary)

Spoken Latin in Middletown, CT, USA on Nov 23 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Brewbakers. (via @KatyReddick)

A new dig will be taking place at Troy: (via @Nihil_Novi_Net)

The Golden Sponge Stick writing contest for students age 8 and up: @

“Snowboarding in the Circus Maximus? @” (via @CloacaMaxima2)

An article about the Etruscans: (via @Nihil_Novi_Net)