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CANE CARE meeting times

CANE CARE will meet on Zoom on Tuesday 26 September and Tuesday 24 October, both dates at 1:00 p.m. Contact Charlie Bradshaw for the agenda

Obituary of Kurt Raaflaub

From the Providence Journal: Kurt A. Raaflaub, 82, of Providence, died Tuesday at the R.I. Hospital as the result of a fall at home. He

SCS and ACL Grants

The Society for Classical Studies and the American Classical League announce two new grants to advance the creation of a more inclusive environment in the

Obituary of Judith Averill

Judith (Judy) Averill taught Latin at three high schools in Western Massachusetts, 19 years at Frontier Regional in South Deerfield. She was a member of

CARE meeting change of date

In order to accommodate one of the CARE Personal Motto Contest winners who must take an AP exam on 2 May when the next CARE meeting had

Archaeogaming with CANE and AIMS

This April 30: Enhance your curriculum with Archaeogaming! All members of CANE are invited to a special Zoom workshop on Sunday, April 30 at 1 pm Eastern with

AAH Call for Papers

ANNUAL JOINT LECTURE SERIES Call for Papers for the 2023 Inaugural Lectures The Association for Ancient Historians (AAH) and the Mommsen Society welcome half-page abstracts

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