Archaeology Resources

Links for the Week of 9 December

Information about the ancient world from grape seeds: (via @DrKillgrove) Rick Riordan has a teacher’s guide for the Camp Half Blood Books: (via

Links for the Week of 18 November

A description (with pictures!) of the battle of Alesia: (via @Nihil_Novi_Net) Mathematics texts in Latin (and Arabic and Sanskrit and other languages: (via

Links for the Week of 28 October

General advice on bellringers: (via @NEAToday) Link to an article about differentiation in the Classics classroom (scroll down the page; link is to a

Links for the Week of 14 October

AIRC promo videos: New information on what may be the exact location where Julius Caesar was killed: (via @historyancient) Latin programs in Germany

Links for the Week of 7 October

An article on the tunnels at Baiae: (via @DrKillgrove) Comments on the Classical names for storms from the Weather Channel: (via @theCAMPVS) Returning

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