Spoken Latin Resources

Links for the Week of 23 December

After this post, we’ll be taking a break until after the start of the New Year. **** @ProfChristensen has started a tumblr showing Latin found

Spoken Latin Workshops

So you want to explore using spoken Latin in your classes? Intrigued and want to learn more? There are many opportunities to do so! The

Thursday Resource: SORGLL

If you want to listen to Latin (and Greek) read in restored pronunciation, the SORGLL (Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature)

Links for the Week of 2 December

The AIRC has a program for high school students to study in Rome in July of 2013: http://www.romanculture.org/page/engaging-history-high-school (via @AIRomanCulture) A Mary Beard piece on

Links for the Week of 28 October

General advice on bellringers: http://public-groups.nea.org/discussion/topic/show/571439 (via @NEAToday) Link to an article about differentiation in the Classics classroom (scroll down the page; link is to a

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