Cane Retirees for Education (CARE)

A community of retired educators who supports and furthers Classics education in the classroom by providing lessons and materials to the CANE membership. We welcome new contributors – please be in touch if you would like to help in any way!

A sculpture of Atlas holding up the globe

STEAM lessons for Classics

Cane Retirees for Education (CARE) have created this repository to offer lessons and units centered on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Architecture, and Mathematics (STEAM). These materials are free for download with the express permission of their creators. Lessons coming soon in the Drive link below. 

New England Museum Guide

Check out the CARE New England Museum Guide 2024 (rev.4-1-24) for information about student museum visit opportunities in all six New England states.

Contribute a lesson

We invite you to contribute to this venture by submitting your own lesson plans and materials. 

Please contact for further information, comments, or questions. 

Motto Contest

The CANE Retirees for Education are pleased to share the results of the annual Motto Contest. The purpose was to create a personal motto in Latin that best expresses the nature of the social, moral and/or spiritual identity to which the student aspires as a mature adult. The instructions are available here.

An archive of previous years’ submissions is available here,