CARE meeting change of date

In order to accommodate one of the CARE Personal Motto Contest winners who must take an AP exam on 2 May when the next CARE meeting had been scheduled, the new Zoom meeting date and time is Tuesday 9 May at 1:00 p.m.  Additionally, if any CANE member who is still active in the profession would like to be added to the CARE Zoom meeting list as we honor our two student winners, please contact Charlie at  

More News and Updates

Call for Proposals for CAAS

The Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS) is calling for proposals for their annual meeting in October, 2024. The deadline is February 16, 2024.

CANE CARE meeting times

CANE CARE will meet on Zoom on Tuesday 26 September and Tuesday 24 October, both dates at 1:00 p.m. Contact Charlie Bradshaw for the agenda