Individual Whiteboards: Games and more!

Last week, Lydia did a great post on Individual Whiteboards.
You can do SO much with Individual Whiteboards.  I play tons of games with my students using these whiteboards.  (P.S.  If you don’t have cheap individual whiteboards available to you, you can make them easily by laminating cardstock!–You can even color code them into teams that way!!)
My students love the vocabulary review game in which I will split the class into 2 teams.  Give every student a whiteboard and a marker (and an eraser object).  Have two students from each team come up to the front and stand FACING the class.  Behind the heads of the two standers, you hold up a vocabulary word on your whiteboard.  The rest of the class must draw a picture of the word on your board.  (ALTERNATE VERSION: Have them write the first word in Latin that comes to their mind.  Or you can have them write the first word in English.)  When and ONLY WHEN you say “show!” the drawers/writers show the boards to the two standers.  The standers must use the pictures/words to guess the word on your board.  First student to yell the word correctly gets a point for their team.
You can also have students gather in groups and have them write definitions of specific animals, without putting the animal on the whiteboard.  Have groups trade tablets and guess the other groups’ animals.
Have students write one half of a Conditional statement on one board and the other half on a second board.  Mix up the Protases and Apodoses and make a bunch of ridiculous conditionals.
And you can keep going.  🙂  Play Taboo, play Battleship.
What are some ways that YOU use individual whiteboards in your classroom?
Happy Whiteboarding!!

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