Emporium Romanum

CANE's Emporium Romanum

We are excited to announce that CANE’s classical designs on clothing, mugs, tote bags and other personal and home accessories are now available through CafePress, an online print-on-demand platform.

To access CANE’s classical items, click the button below.


Please check back often as we are continually adding new items and designs.

Any questions? Please contact us at emporiumromanum@caneweb.org


Special thanks to photographers Paul Langford [fresco detail, Tomb of the Diver, Paestum] and Emil Peñarubia [fresco detail, Oplontis] who have kindly allowed us to use their stunning photographs in the Emporium Romanum. In addition, the Florida Center for Instructional Technology has been most gracious in granting permission for CANE to use a number of their high-quality clip-art images of ancient art and classical designs. Teachers will want to browse FCIT’s extensive clip-art collections at https://etc.usf.edu/clipart/. These images are free for non-commercial classroom use by teachers and students.