Links for 20 June

A study of Roman concrete is in the news, and it explains why the ancient stuff is better than what we use today.
The tech used in body scanners has been used on Pompeiian wall art and revealed some interesting secrets! Read all about it!
Papa Franciscus has a Twitter feed, all in Latin. It’s got 100,000+ followers, and it’s growing every day. Even though Summi Pontificis breviloquentis may not have the same charm as pipiat papa!, it does have gravitas.
O tempora! O mores! O disputationes about Latin’s relevance and utility in the modern world! Mary Beard and others weigh in.

More from the CANE blog

paucī ludī ad discendum

At C.A.N.E. Summer Institute this year, I had the chance to read some of Quintilian’s dē Institutione Oratoria, in which the first century Roman author

Maps, Etymology, and more: Links for 7 November

Etymology Google now has etymology information! (via @msmagistra) Manuscripts The Digital Scriptorium makes images of Medieval manuscripts available. (via Ruth Breindel) Food “Reconstructing Cuisine and