Travel, Gold, and Princesses: Links for June 26

Doing the “Caesar Shuffle” in Rome….Some tips on travel.
Want to Walk the Appian Way?
Save the Domus Aurea!
This awesome blog explores the world of Zenobia and other ancient females.

More from the CANE blog

Classroom Posters!

Like many teachers, I am always looking for ways to make my classroom look nice and educational at the same time. I have always loved

Neutrality Is Not an Option

Last week, I received an email from the independent non-profit, New Hampshire Humanities, stating their organization’s commitment to “the ongoing work of ending systemic racism

Links for 22 August

TED-Ed explains the etymology behind the word “sarcophagus.” What’s Greek about Greek Life Organizations? (via @camwsclassics) Boston students go to National Certamen Championship (via @ClassColl)