Travel, Gold, and Princesses: Links for June 26

Doing the “Caesar Shuffle” in Rome….Some tips on travel.
Want to Walk the Appian Way?
Save the Domus Aurea!
This awesome blog explores the world of Zenobia and other ancient females.

More from the CANE blog

Thursday Resource: SORGLL

If you want to listen to Latin (and Greek) read in restored pronunciation, the SORGLL (Society for the Oral Reading of Greek and Latin Literature)

Links for the week of 4 November

Comparisons of mummy portraits with the mummies’ faces: (via @DrKillgrove) A new online Latin dictionary: (via @etclassics) A reconstruction of a dish from

Links for the Week of 28 July

Beware Greeks bearing Pinatas. Funny…”Trojan Piñata” birthday card #trojanhorse #latinteach — Callie Schneider (@calpunzel) July 27, 2014 Handy infographic about all the deaths in