Links for the week of 3 February

An opinion piece from the New York Times about the difficulties of translation:
A recipe for an ancient Greek and Roman pork dish: (via @carolemadge)
A piece from the New Yorker on memorizing poetry: (via @bretmulligan)
Information about the excavations at Portus: (via @stephenjohnkay)
The British Library is crowdsourcing a project to match up old maps with modern Google Earth ones: (via @Culture24)
The AIRC is offering academic credit for summer and semester programs of study in Rome: (via @etclassics)
Last Tuesday, you learned what two teachers have in their bags. This is what an archaeologist has: (via @AIRomanCulture)
Current events in Ancient Greek: (via @DHSBClassics)
A list of things for children to do around Naples and Pompeii: (via @CarolineLawrenc)
Pompeii is to be restored very soon: (via @DrKillgrove)
Prize money for the best visualizations of Classical data: (via @apaclassics)
Roman Army School in Durham, UK in March: (via @rogueclassicist)
All 2012 articles in the Cambridge Journals will be available online: (via @DrKillgrove)
The APA is accepting applications for Public Fellows: (via @apaclassics)

More from the CANE blog

MAFLA 2017

I was an attendant of this year’s Massachusetts Foreign Language Association conference held in Springfield, MA. This is my second time attending a MAFLA conference

Links for 9 May

Vote for Deciphering Ancient Texts in the Digital Age to be produced as a MOOC. (via @ThomasKoentges) Map of Ancient Rome superimposed on a Google