Physics, diets, and Juno: Links for July 7

A little tangential, but if you like Stephen Colbert, you’ll appreciate his classical allusions as he explains how he first met his wife.
The physics of ancient Roman architecture
Even the Romans had fierce debates over banning assault weapons
A person tries a medieval diet for a month with interesting observations.
Lastly, for those astronomy/mythology nerds among us:

Easy Readers, Latin Podcasts, Teaching History: Links 30 June

Here are some interesting things we’ve seen this week!

  • The Wall Street Journal examines the active Latin movement in the United States.
  • Quomodo Dicitur is a new, weekly podcast delivered in Latin.  Also available on iTunes.
  • Lots of new, easy Latin readers are being published this year (Brandon Brown canem vult, Cloelia – Puella Romana, Pluto – Fabula Amoris, and more).  Martina Bex has some suggestions on how you can use them in class.
  • David Moss from the Harvard Business School is making waves in his approach to teaching history.