Monthly Archives: September 2013

Announcements for the Week of September 29

CANE offers four granting periods for discretionary funds of $400 each with the following deadlines: Oct. 1, Dec. 1, Feb. 1 and May 1. The first deadline is in 2 days, so file an application today if you’re interested!
For information on the 2013-2014 Writing Contest, click here!
October 3 – Lecture on Ancient Religion by Dr. Adam Serfass of Kenyon College. UNH. Time and location TBA. Call (603) 862-3522 for more information.

Links for 26 Sept.

The Harvard Gazette had a great article on the intersection of Latin and Native Americans in Harvard’s Indian College Poet.
The blog Designers and Books has a piece on the Loeb’s now iconic look.
The National and University of Iceland has a very thorough website on Abraham Ortelius’ 1590 publication of Islandia. Not only does he provide a Latin description of the island, but he also includes descriptions of the monsters shown on the accompanying map!
Interested in the Adagia Erasmi? This website also includes dozens of maps, too.
Dartmouth College has a website called From Art to Artifact. It focuses on numismatics from a 2009 seminar and is worth a look for not only interesting information but also quality images of coins and related matters.

Fun and Games

There are times when it’s nice to have a game ready to play with your class. Here’s a variety of options.

Games that require the internet and a projector/shared computer

Game that requires preparation

  • Rota (print boards or have students draw them, make markers)

Games that don’t require preparation

  • The Dictionary Game
  • One word stories: Students retell a story from a reading (in Latin or English), with each saying one word to make up a complete sentence and then paragraphs
  • Vocabulary Baseball