Daily Archives: June 24, 2020

Don’t forget to register for the Annual Meeting

This is a reminder that the CANE Annual Meeting (in its virtual form) is coming up in only a few weeks, and that you have to register, even though it is free of charge and on-line. You can see the schedule and register at http://caneweb.org/annualmeeting. There are going to be 23 sessions, both papers and workshops, on a great variety of topics, from pedagogy and materials to Roman and Greek history, from Greek and Latin literary studies to philosophy and women’s studies; especially, we will have many sessions dealing with the place of Classics in our present critical time.

In addition, we are planning for several “Happy Hour” Zoom sessions, sponsored by state classical associations, Classics Departments from around the region, and, from CANE itself, a session for new teachers. Come and meet your friends and make new ones! Or have your department or group sponsor your own! Just get in touch with Emma Vanderpool at evanderpool375@gmail.com to find out how to set one up! Check back on caneweb.org for further information in July.

Please register for the Annual Meeting, even if you will only be able to attend a few sessions.