Latin curiosities, 9/11 Memorials, and Ancient Crimea: Links for 10 April

Here’s a list of some of the places, news, and conversations we’ve found interesting this week:
Leo Tepper has a great little blog called The Latin Reading Blog, that has snippets of all sorts of Latin curiosities with English translations and vocab notes.
City Room at the NYTimes has an article about reactions to the Aeneid inscription on the 9/11 Memorial.
On National Public Radio, Audie Cornish from All Things Considered interviews Monsignor Daniel Gallagher, the man behind the Pope’s Latin tweets.
With everything going on in Crimea right now, Mary Beard thought it might be interesting to explore what was happening there in the ancient world on her blog, A Don’s Life.
Oops! The RogueClassicist shared an article about the University of York’s getting, er, “busted”, over their new logo in the Independent.

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