The Katz Prize

Attention, college and university faculty: Remember to have your students submit a paper for the Katz Prize at CANE’s Annual Meeting for prestige, resume building, and money!

Begun as a five-year pilot program in 2000, the Student Prize was designed to honor research by fledgling Classicists, at the high school or undergraduate level of study. The Prize was renamed and more narrowly defined by the Executive Committee in February 2006, when it accepted the offer of an endowment from Dr. Arnold M. Katz, whose purpose was to establish the prize in perpetuity on the occasion of the 70th birthday of his wife Phyllis B. Katz. Beginning with its award in March 2006, the prize honors Phyllis B. Katz whose long service to CANE has included terms as Executive Secretary and Director of the CANE Summer Institute, among many other activities in support of the organization. She was also the recipient of the Barlow- Beach award in 1997.

A submitted paper must be the original work of an undergraduate student, although it may be submitted for consideration the year following completion of a bachelor’s degree. The paper must focus on some aspect of ancient Mediterranean languages, literature, history or culture and should be of suitable length to be delivered orally in 15 minutes. As a research paper, it must include proper citations and bibliography. While the paper need not be demonstrative of original research, it should display both command of the subject matter and some clear or unique assessment of the topic by its author.

The winning paper will be read by the recipient of the prize during the Annual Meeting of CANE, generally as the first paper in the first Saturday session. The author will receive an award of $200, free registration for the meeting and the cost of hotel accommodations if needed.

Submissions are due on February 15th and should be sent to the Immediate Past President at Please direct any questions to that same email address.

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