Links for the Week of 13 January

A gingerbread Roman villa from King Arthur Flour’s contest:
Ascanius is looking for late high school and early college Latin students to work at its LatinSummer program:
Pills found in a Roman shipwreck: Smithsonian blog and (via @SmithsonianMag and @classicslibrary)
An article about the second-floor toilets at Pompeii: (via @tronchin)
“The Construction of Authenticity in the Claudius novels:” (via @Nihil_Novi_Net)
Close-up pictures of reconstructions of Roman legionary armor: (via @Nihil_Novi_Net)
A piece on social status shown in Roman children’s shoes: (via @rogueclassicist and @DrKillgrove)
Freshly discovered Roman statues of the Niobids: and (via @tronchin and @rogueclassicist)
Vestal Virgin hairdo instructions: (via @TheHistoryBrew)
Social networks at Pompeii traced through graffiti: (via @DrKillgrove and @rogueclassicist )
Traces of frescoes in the Colosseum:
(via @DrKillgrove)
Roman furniture and violence: (via @SarahEBond)
Reasons why we should study Latin: (via @DHSBClassics)

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