StoryCubes–Getting Our Students Writing! 2

Getting students to compose Latin that is meaningful to them can be difficult. There are many ways of getting them into writing, but I’ve found StoryCubes to be the best.
These are dice with pictures on them–there are two sets: objects and actions. Be sure you get both!
Students get into their groups of 3 or 4, and I had out 6 objects and 3 actions. They take the dice and roll them. Using whatever comes up (and many of these are open to interpretation!), they write a story. Sometimes, they even learn new vocabulary this way!
I strongly suggest getting 3 or 4 sets of StoryCubes for your classroom. If you are feeling ambitious, giving students a full set of Objects and a full set of Actions can yield amazing results!
My students love them. For them, it’s an easy, no pressure, guided way to get into composing Latin.
Try them with your students! You can use them for far more than just writing. They can talk about them Latinē as well.
There are so many options!
Enjoy! Happy Playing!

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