Annual Bulletins

The Annual Bulletins contain summaries of activities from the Annual Meeting, as well as information on the Executive Committees and Membership rosters. The most recent will be posted once available.

Starting in 2019-2020, the Annual Bulletin has been replaced with this Google Drive folder that contains 1) Executive Meeting agendas and minutes, 2) Annual Meeting program, 3) Writing contest winners, and other assorted information important to the membership.

Special 2006 Centennial Edition

CANEns Newsletters

The current incarnation of CANEns is the content posted to the front page of this website. An editorial staff writes articles of pedagogical interest, posts announcements and reminders, and showcases interesting links several times a week. If you are interested in contributing content, please contact us.
The printed edition of CANEns was for several years the official newsletter of CANE, edited by Ed DeHoratius. The archives of these printed newsletters are below.

New England Classical Journal

More information about the New England Classical Journal, including its most recent issue, is available at

The materials below are the Tables of Contents [ToC] and Indices of past NECJ volumes. For older volumes, the full journal is provided. Additionally, selected articles are available for download. For full issues in print, contact the CANE Press editor. For more information visit the NECJ page or contact the NECJ editor.

We have also compiled a master Table of Contents for issues ranging from 1993 through 2015. It includes the titles, authors, issues, and page numbers of all the articles. The best way to use it is to do a search with Ctrl + F (PC) or Cmd + F (Mac) to find the author or keywords in the title that you are looking for.

Articles for download:
D. Konstan: Before Forgiveness (2011),
G. Conte: Historical Identity and Cultural Comparison (2011),
G. Most: Alcestis Redux (2010),
D. Held: Eros, Beauty, Divine (2009),
T. Barnes: Severus as New Augustus (2008),
E. Anhalt: Four Women in Herodotus (2008),
C. Damon: Enabling Books (2008),
C. Odahl: Constantinian Arles (2008),
N. Slater: Good Grattius Hunting (2007),
M. Putnam: Troy (2007)

Writing Contest Winners

We are pleased to share past winning entries for our annual writing contest. These are also added to our Annual Bulletins.
Winner for 2016
Assortment of past winners.