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CANE Happenings

  • Have a look at our Scholarships, Funding, and Awards page. There are many great opportunities here, including a writing contest, funds for your classroom or to travel, professional development or coursework, and more. Many have due dates in the fall.

Other Happenings

Workshops and Conferences

Talks and Papers

  • “The Landscape of Rome’s Literature”
    Seminar at the annual conference of the Association of Literary, Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW)
    Oct. 3-6, 2019 

    The College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA, USA
    Deadline for submission of abstracts: June 1, 2019

    This CFP is for the seminar “The Landscape of Rome’s Literature,” one of many seminars that will occur during the ALSCW 2019 annual conference.
    The Landscape of Rome’s Literature 
    Moderator: Aaron Seider, Associate Professor of Classics, The College of the Holy Cross
    In the stories of Rome’s beginnings along the Tiber’s bank; of its fields stained by the blood of civil war; and of its battles beyond empire’s edges, Roman authors turned to the landscape to reflect on their society and their writing. What can close readings of Livy’s early Rome, Vergil’s Italian settings, or Tacitus’ British battles, for instance, reveal about the relationship between language and landscape in Roman literature? This seminar offers a forum for exploring a range of questions related to the literary construction of landscapes, with a particular interest in what the Romans’ written landscapes communicate about their identity and their work as authors. We invite papers that address these questions from any perspective, with a range of potential topics including the intersection between landscape and areas such as emotion, memory, genre, time, or aesthetics; the relationship between the natural and built environment; metaphorical uses of the landscape; and literary receptions of the classical landscape.
    The seminar will last about two hours and consist of 6-8 participants. Participants exchange drafts of their papers 2-4 weeks before the seminar, and, at the seminar itself, each participant offers a 5-7 minute summary of their paper, and this is followed by 20-30 minutes of discussion. 

    Anyone who is interested in presenting should submit a proposal of 300 words and a C.V. by email to Lee Oser at <> and Ernest Suarez at <> on or before June 1, 2019. While membership in ALSCW is not required to submit a proposal, it is required for participation in the conference. Please feel free to email Aaron Seider <> with any questions about the seminar.

Scholarships and Awards

New Books

  • The University of Oklahoma Press is pleased to announce the release of Thucydides’s Melian Dialogue and Sicilian Expedition: A Student Commentary by Martha C. Taylor. For media inquiries and review copies, please contact –Katie Baker
    Publicity Manager
    University of Oklahoma Press
    2800 Venture Drive
    Norman, OK 73069
    Follow OU Press
    Twitter @OUPress

Ongoing Opportunities

Area Calendars and Events

  • The Boston Area Classics Calendar has a lot going on, and a weekly email digest of upcoming events.
  • If you live in the western Massachusetts, northern Connecticut, or southern Vermont area you may be interested in Amherst College’s list of upcoming lectures in the Pioneer Valley.
  • Collaborative Classics ColleaguesWhat is it?
    A collegial cohort of Classics colleagues, each assigned a partner, who will meet both individually with their partner and as a group to discuss Classics pedagogy.
    Who can apply?
    Any Classics teacher regardless of experience (retired teachers welcome!)
    What are the requirements?
    Meet with your assigned teacher either virtually or in person every other month and attend one webinar per year*
    Applications Due March 1st, 2019:
    Questions? Contact:

Spoken Latin Meetups and Conventicula

  • The Western MA Conversational Hour is meeting every Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Esselon Cafe in Hadley, MA for a Latin Lunch. For details, contact TJ Howell.
  • In the Boston area? Check out the Active Latin Meetup page for events.

Courses, Certification Programs, and Degree Offerings

  • Central Connecticut State University is working to create a certification program for the teaching of Latin. Attached you will find the program of studies. In order to make this idea come to fruition we are seeking support from Latin groups. We need at least 10 students to sign up for this cohort in order to run the program. As an incentive to enroll into the program we are looking for funding to offer scholarships to help defray the cost of course work at the University level. If you are interesting in supporting this initiative in any way please contact me at the below email address. Gina Gallo Reinhard
  • Kent State University is offering a new Master of Arts in Latin.
  • Grey Fox offers several different free online professional development workshops for Latin teachers, including Conversational Latin, Latin Reading Group, and Technology and Latin. The weekly schedule is:
    • Tuesdays 8-9 PM Eastern: Conversational Latin Workshop.
      Thursdays 6-7 PM Eastern: Latin Reading Group or Latin and Technology.
      Saturdays 10-11 AM Eastern: Conversational Latin Workshop.
    • These classes are open to all current, former, or prospective Latin teachers, and they are held online through Skype. Teachers can start at any time. To register for any of our Workshops, please email

Fellowships, Grants, and Scholarships

  • Would you like to travel abroad? And have help paying for it? The Vergilian Society is offering exciting study tours in summer 2019 including The Grand Tour on the Bay of Naples; Sicily and Malta; The Roman Rhineland; and Caesar and Vergil in Italy: A Study Tour for Teachers. Morocco is also on offer for winter 2019-20. These programs are specifically designed to benefit and appeal to teachers and students at all levels by providing them the opportunity to experience a rich variety of ancient sites to support their own understanding and teaching of the ancient world. See the full tour descriptions on the Vergilian Society website at Almost $100,000 in scholarship money is also available:


  • Our jobs page has been updated with new openings!