Specific Jobs

Below are the details of the Latin opening to cover a 12-week leave of absence:

Two sections (2/3 position): Latin 1 and Latin 5 (Vergil).  Taught remotely every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday starting September 3. First class is 9 am -10:00 am each day, second is 10:15-11:15. Please share with anyone who might be interested.  CT Certification preferred, but we will consider anyone with Latin teaching experience.

My contact info is below:

mharten at woodstockacademy dot org

860) 928-6575 ext. 1107

cell: 860-538-2285

General Openings

There are some sites that provide information on Latin / Classics jobs throughout New England.
American Classical League
School Spring
Carney, Sandoe, and Associates (private schools)
Association of Independent Schools of New England
Massachusetts Foreign Language Association
National Association of Independent Schools