Scholarships, Funding, and Awards

*NB: Funds for any scholarships, grants, or awards must be cashed within the fiscal year in which they are received. Fiscal years run from July 1 through to the following June 30.

For Students in Middle and High School

The Thomas and Eleanor Means Fund
Deadline: December 1. The Means Fund is awarded for educational travel by middle or secondary students to classical sites as part of a program created by a classics teacher. (Application form)

CANE Writing Contest
Deadline: December 15. The CANE Writing Contest is an annual event open to students taking Latin, Greek, or Classics in New England middle and high schools. Prizes are awarded to top contenders on the state and regional level. (Submission details)

For College Students

The Alison Barker Travel Scholarship
Deadline: December 1. The Barker Scholarship is awarded for travel to an undergraduate who is participating in a study program organized by a classics department or Classical studies program. (Application form)

The CANE Certification Scholarship
Deadline: February 1. The CANE Certification Scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate in New England seeking secondary-school certification of Latin or Greek. (Application form)

Phyllis B. Katz Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
Deadline: February 15. The Phyllis B. Katz Prize is awarded to an undergraduate student of Classics in support of his or her research endeavors.

The Helen Maria Chesnutt Scholarship for Equity in Classical Study Deadline: January 15. The Helen Maria Chesnutt Scholarship is intended to support undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented groups to further their study of the Classics and Ancient Mediterranean world, broadly conceived both in geographic limits and time-frame, and not excluding reception-studies, which brings the temporal span of the studied period down to the present day. (Application form)

For Teachers and Instructors

Educational Grants
Deadlines: rolling applications. These funds are available to classroom teachers for class projects, research, and classroom materials, or to support educational programs that promote the study of Classical languages and history. (Application form)

The Barlow-Beach Distinguished Service Award
Deadline: December 15. The Barlow-Beach Award is awarded to individuals who are notable for their distinguished service to CANE and to the Classics in New England. Please submit nominations to

Winners from the past 6 years include (See Wikipedia article for full list):

  • 2021 Mark Pearsall
  • 2020 Elizabeth Keitel
  • 2019 Sean Smith
  • 2018 Jeri DeBrohun
  • 2017 Kenneth S. Rothwell, Jr.
  • 2016 John Higgins

Matthew I. Wiencke Teaching Award
Deadline: December 31. The Matthew I. Wiencke Award recognizes excellence in teaching in the primary, middle, and secondary school levels.

The Cornelia Catlin Coulter Scholarship
Deadline: January 15. The Cornelia Catlin Coulter Memorial Rome Scholarship is awarded for study at the Summer Session of the School of Classical Studies at the American Academy in Rome. (Application form)

The CANE Endowment Scholarship
Deadline: January 15. The CANE Endowment Scholarship is awarded for summer study normally at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens or at places other than the American Academy in Rome. (Application form)

The Renata Poggioli Award
Deadline: January 15. The Renata Poggioli Award is awarded for travel to Italy and/or Greece typically during the summer months. It is available only during even years. (Application form)

Teacher Enrichment Scholarship (NEW!)
Deadline: February 1. The Teacher Enrichment Scholarship is an award of up to $1,500 for tuition reimbursement for current or retired teachers who are members of CANE to enroll in a Classics course for personal enrichment. (Application form)

For First-Time CANE Annual Meeting Attendees

The Finnegan-Plante Scholarship
Deadline: February 15, with rolling acceptances for unused funds until March 1. The Finnegan-Plante Scholarship is awarded to first time attendees of CANE’s Annual Meeting whose schools do not cover the cost. (Application form)