Mission Statement

The Classical Association of New England (CANE) is a membership organization open to scholars, educators, students, and all those with an interest in the languages, history, cultures, and literature of the ancient and medieval Mediterranean world, as well as their reception around the globe and into modern times. CANE is committed to embracing not only the traditional understanding of “Classics” as encompassing the Greek- and Roman-centered narratives of antiquity, but also the perspectives of cultures previously under-represented and under-explored in the past several centuries of classical scholarship. CANE hosts an annual association meeting and a summer institute; awards numerous scholarships and grants; provides a voice to classicists via its website, caneweb.org, and the New England Classical Journal; and acts as a support system for all classical studies programs, at all learning levels, in the six New England states.

(Approved by the CANE Executive Committee, April 25, 2020)

Governing Documents

CANE Constitution
Manual for Executive Committee

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  • If you’d like us to post news or announcements relating to Classics in New England, or if you’d like to share interesting links or resources, please contact Announcements using the form below. Additionally, if you are interested in writing a Feature Article for us, contact us and consider these guidelines:

Pieces need to be written from an objective viewpoint. If an article is about a company or product in which the author has a stake, this should be disclosed in the article footer and care should be taken to make sure that the article is not just an advertisement but instead talks about a larger topic. For example, someone could write a piece on the value of games in the classroom and mention a game his or her company produces, but not write a review of the game.

  • The following Executive Board members can help you with specific issues:
    • President: upcoming Annual Meetings and general information
    • Treasurer: dues, fees, and membership status
    • Secretary: Annual Bulletins, minutes, and governing documents
    • Webmaster: website functionality
    • CANEPress Editor: purchasing CANEPress titles
    • NECJ Editor: submitting NECJ articles
    • CSI Director: anything related to CANE Summer Institute
  • For all other inquiries, please see the Officers and Committees page.

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For event postings, scholarships, calls for papers, or other situations that involve due dates, please fill out the first form. For all other inquiries, use the subsequent form.