Annual Meeting


Message of welcome to the Annual Meeting, from the CANE President – please click here to watch.

2021 General Information

The 2021 CANE Annual Meeting will be held using Zoom Webinar, March 13 and March 20, 2021.


Please use the UMass portal to register. You will also find the program, code of conduct, and other important information there.

Zoom Access

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the password to access this page, which includes the links to the Zoom sessions for the meeting.

Program and Abstracts

The program (updated 2/1/21) is available at the UMass portal, and duplicated here for easy access.

The abstracts document (updated 2/5/21) gives more detail about what to expect from the paper sessions and workshops.

Code of Conduct

Available here.


Request samples 

Formerly Pearson

  • ECCE ROMANI now on Realize
  • A Call to Conquest    
  • A Song of War   
  • Love and Transformation   
  • Love and Betrayal


The proposal process has ended.

Digital Resources

You can submit materials from your workshop or paper presentation here for participants to see and use. Be sure to read the “How-To” to make sure you share your materials correctly.

See our archive of past resources at our Links and Resources page.

First Time Attendees!

The Finnegan-Plante scholarship will cover the cost of registration to first time attendees who are members of CANE and whose schools do not cover their costs.