Calling all CANE retirees!

25 March 2021
Dear Retired Members of CANE:

You are all—regardless of your past teaching level or as a non-teacher– invited to attend a meeting for CANE retirees on the afternoon of Monday 14 June (Flag Day), via Zoom, at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern).  The meeting’s purpose will be to solicit and discuss ideas/suggestions about the role of retirees in all matters CANE.

It is an exciting–often daunting–time for teaching and learning classical studies. I can testify to that, having just stepped away from the classroom in August after fifty-four years due to Covid. Yet, I am still privy to daily school mail that has detailed the incredible number of hoops through which teachers and kids are having to jump. There are also many serious discussions going on, both in our schools and in our communities at large, about what classical studies has meant historically and what it could mean in society today. Those of us who have a deep-rooted affection for classical studies, and gratitude for the myriad benefits which our beloved CANE has afforded us through the years, should get together with a common purpose: becoming an active and passionate resource for all CANE members, from the twenty-somethings to the ninety-somethings. And it might even be helpful to discuss what retirement is (supposed to be) all about, as well. 

Please RSVP for the 14 June meeting by email (using the address to which the Zoom invite can be sent) to Charlie Bradshaw at  If you do not have Zoom capability, indicate that in your email. If you know a CANE retiree without a computer (I do) tell me that as well. Let us have retirement become “refirement”—so that it will be a vibrant supportive force for New England’s long history of classical education as it evolves to meet the changing, challenging landscape of the 21st century.

Thank you for giving this plea consideration, and please join us on 14 June!

Ex corde,

Charlie Bradshaw

Member of the CANE Executive Board and Membership Committee 

Multas gratias to the following CANE officers for their helpful editing suggestions regarding this message: Teresa Ramsby, Ruth Breindel, Meredith Safran

Job opening: Philadelphia, NY

Opening for Latin teacher, Middle School and High School, tenure track position–Indian River Central School District, Philadelphia, New York.  Latin instruction begins in 8th grade with Latin I and continues through Latin IV-V.  College credit through the University in the High School Program of UAlbany is available.  Additional certifications a plus.

For more information, contact:  Mrs. Dawn M. Kiechle, Latin teacher

Employment details available here.

Karla Keruskie, Human Resources

Troy Decker, Assistant Superintendent

Upcoming events from AIA Hartford Society and the Classical Studies Department of Trinity College

The AIA Hartford Society and the Classical Studies Department of Trinity College would like to invite you to the following webinar events:

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 6:00pm The AIA Hartford Society presents The William Metcalf Lecture Series.  This year D. Alex Walthall of the University of Texas at Austin will be presenting Cents in the City: New Coin Finds from a Hellenistic House at Morgantina (Sicily)”.  For more information and to register please see the attached flyer or visit:

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021 at 6:00pm, Dan Curley of Skidmore College will present ““The Gospel Truth”: Animated Narrative in Disney’s Hercules” (1997). For more information and to register please see the attached flyer or visit

On Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 6:00pm Aleydis Van de Moortel of University of Tennessee will present “The Rise of a Hierarchical Society at Late Bronze Age Mitrou, Greece: What Made It Possible?”  For more information and to register please see the attached flyer or visit: 

For more information on each of the webinars listed above as well as a schedule for other upcoming AIA lectures happening at Trinity College please see the attached flyers or visit our website at