Links for the Week of 7 October

An article on the tunnels at Baiae: (via @DrKillgrove)
Comments on the Classical names for storms from the Weather Channel: (via @theCAMPVS)
Returning to the wreck where the Antikythera mechanism was found: (via @jntribolo)
A lively, popular article about Apicius: (via @SarahEBond)
From @YaleClassicsLib “The Classics Library’s Reference Sources for Classical Studies handout has been updated ” Wonderful list of sources with thoughtful annotations.

Links for the week of 9 September

Dr. Kristina Killgrove speaks about a Roman Dinner at a Science Cafe in Pensacola: (If the talk ends up online, we’ll link to it.)

Information about Tweetchats (check out #latinteach):

The Getty’s exhibit “The Last Days of Pompeii” opens on 12 September: (via ‏@jntribolo)

Digital Classics Association Conference in Buffalo, NY in April; call for papers with a deadline in December.

101 Reasons to learn Latin: (via @BretMulligan )

(Edited to fix a problem with a link.)