Papyri, Painting, and Portable Grills : Links for 8 May

Here are some interesting things we’ve found online this past week that you might like!
The Economist has an article and Latin and STEM, and argues why humanities was, and should be, an important part of any full education.
Harvard Magazine shares its research findings on a controversial papyrus fragment mentioning Jesus and his wife.
Gerald Schroeder on Pinterest has put together a collection of Angus McBride’s paintings of ancient and medieval soliders and military life.
Yahoo News has a story about grilling-out, Mycenean style.

Links for the Week of 11 November

In time for Movember, a piece about beards and mustaches in antiquity: (via @ancientblogger and @rogueclassicist)
And a piece about caryatids’ hairstyles: @ (via @rogueclassicist)
An interesting MIT course about ancient technology and science: @ (via @dancohen)
An article in Scientific American on the Antikythera mechanism: @ (via @rogueclassicist)
A pice on ancient voting: (via @KatyReddick)
The Etruscans: (via @jntribolo)
A piece about research in the time of Google: (via @anniemurphypaul)
A new Latin app is available from Paul Hudson (Teachers can e-mail for a free copy): (via @twostraws)