Links for the Week of 16 December

A petition to keep the tomb of the Roman general who inspired Gladiator from being reburied: (via @SaveRome)
A Kickstarter to raise money for a free online movie about archaeology: (via @SaveRome)
Online book chats about Roman Historical fiction: (via @IHahn)
Helmet from Caesar’s era found in Britain: (via @jntribolo)
A stage where Nero performed is being excavated: (via @Nihil_Novi_Net)
An interactive graphic (requires Flash) of Zeus’s relationships: (via @classicslibrary and @adrianmurdoch)
A tool for creating differentiated projects (with a nice section on Bloom’s built in): (via @KatyReddick)
English translations of Attic inscriptions: (via @classicslibrary)
Caroline Lawrence’s thoughts on how Romans are different from people today: (via @CarolineLawrenc)
Not strictly Classical, but a piece on how different cultures differentiate colors (useful for thinking about “Roman purple”): (via @CarolineLawrenc)

Thursday Resource: Doodle

DoodleIf you need to figure out a date among a group of people, like which day is best for Latin club to meet or when it’s best to have a reading group, is a great way to coordinate it.
This is a free online tool that lets you define a range of dates and then lets other people say whether or not that date works. This means everyone can see that, for example, Thursday evening works for nine out of ten people, more than any other date. Also, if you’re trying to schedule shifts to cover something, people can see which shifts need to be covered.