CANE Summer Institute

The Classical Association of New England Summer Institute brings together students, educators, and lifelong learners for an intensive week of lectures, mini-courses, reading groups, professional development workshops, and special events. Each institute considers the literature, history, and arts of the ancient Greeks and Romans — and how we engage with those cultures today.

The Institute was founded in 1983 by Edward Bradley, Phyllis Katz, and Matthew Wiencke of Dartmouth College and Gloria Duclos of the University of South Maine. After being based at Dartmouth from 1983 until 2011, the institute moved in 2013 to Brown University, under the leadership of Jeri DeBrohun of Brown. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of institutes from the past several years.

Please note that lectures and courses at the institute are given in English; participation in the institute does not require knowledge of the ancient languages. CANE welcomes interested individuals who are new to the study Classics to attend the Institute as well as graduate and undergraduate students.  Participants may board at Brown University for the Institute or commute to campus for the week.

With questions, please contact the CANE Summer Institute director at


The CANE Summer Institute 2020 has been cancelled. The 2021 Summer Institute is tentatively planned for July 12-17, 2021. The 2021 program will be substantially the same as the planned 2020 program. Detailed information for 2021 will be posted after January 15, 2021. Below is a listing of courses and lectures planned for 2021. Costs will be determined in January. However, 2020 projected costs are below.

CANE Summer Institute 2021

Graduate credit is available. Contact CSI Director for more details.

This summer’s 5-day mini-courses include:

He Longed for the Desert: Turning Your Back on Rome  John Higgins, Smith College

Looking For (and At) Royal Women in the Hellenistic World Patricia Eunji Kim, New York Univ.

Milton’s Lycidas and Pastoral Elegy William Morse, College of the Holy Cross

Equity, Power, and Critical Language Awareness: Teaching Practices in Ancient Studies Education Kelly Dugan, Trinity College

Pindar’s Victory Odes: Songs and Contexts Hanne Eisenfeld, Boston College

Tragedy’s Empire: Individual Agency in Antiquity and Beyond Aaron Seider, College of the Holy Cross

Problems in Roman Slavery: Texts and Contexts Roberta Stewart, Dartmouth College

Dido, Hannibal, Carthage: ‘Necessary’ Victims of Rome’s Imperial Destiny? Jeri DeBrohun, Brown University

What Happens When A Ruler is Replaced? The Problem of Succession in Antiquity Peter Machinist, Harvard University

This summer’s lecture line-up will feature a series of three lectures by Diane Arnson Svarlien, most well-known as the translator of Medea.  Other lecturers include: Kathleen Coleman (Harvard University), Kurt Raaflaub (Brown University), Deborah Boedecker (Brown University), Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Princeton University), Kelly Dugan (Trinity College), Mark Wright (Sturgis Charter Public School), and Aaron Seider (College of the Holy Cross).

The CANE Summer Institute is grateful to the Classical Association of New England, the Department of Classics at Brown University, and the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation for their support.

Please direct questions to the CSI director Amanda Loud at



These FEES were projected for 2020. 2021 will be similar and will be confirmed no sooner than January 15, 2021.


FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS*                              $250

LODGING                                                               $290

MEALS (including banquet)                                $190       

BANQUET ONLY (for commuters)         $40

PARKING PASS (Mon-Sat)                                 $96

C.A.N.E. membership (covering               $50

July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021; required for registrants)

Early Arrival (Sunday night)                              $55

Early Arrival (Sunday) parking                         $16

LATE REGISTRATION (after May 15)          $25

                                                      TOTAL COST:     ______

Some photos from the 2019 Institute

Past CANE Summer Institutes

  • July 8-13, 2019, Brown University
    • E Pluribus Unum
  • July 9-14, 2018, Brown University
    • Empires Ancient and Modern: Reactions to Imperial Power from Athens to the Americas
  • July 10-15, 2017, Brown University
    • The View from a Distance: Perspectives on the Greeks & Romans from across Space and Time
  • July 11-16, 2016, Brown University
    • Quid Sub Sole Novum? Imitation, Innovation, and Creation in the Ancient World
  • July 13-18, 2015, Brown University
    • Exegi Monumentum. Creating the Everlasting in the Ancient World
  • July 14-19, 2014, Brown University
    • “On the Shoulders of Giants:” Greco-Roman Giants and their Modern Emulators
  • July 15-20, 2013, Brown University
    • America’s Founding Fathers and the Classics of Greece and Rome
  • July 11-16, 2011, Dartmouth College
    • Spectacles in and of the Ancient World. spectatum veniunt, veniunt spectentur ut ipsae.
  • July 12-17, 2010, Dartmouth College
    • “Not Athens But the World.” Why America is Still Listening to Ancient Voices
  • July 6-11, 2009, Dartmouth College
    • Expanding the Map: Cultural Exchange and the Peripheries of the Classical World.
  • July 7-12, 2008, Dartmouth College
    • Revolution and Reaction: Radical Changes and Continuities in the Ancient World
  • July 9-14, 2007, Dartmouth College (25th Annual)
    • Beyond Antiquity: The Legacy of the Classical World