Links for 2 May

A system for grading in Latin.
“Why would anyone walk Hadrian’s wall in full Roman military kit?” Has great pictures of the walkers in their Roman army gear. (via @BenKaneAuthor, who is posting updates during the walk)
Plays making up a “10 episode soap opera” of Roman history in the late Republic. (via @etclassics)
A collection of very useful and interesting websites for teaching about Roman life. (via @SarahEBond)
Roman toiletry kits may have had a medical purpose. (Warning: there is a picture of an unpleasantly inflamed eyelid if you scroll down the page.) (via @NautaNuntiorum)

More from the CANE blog

In Praise of Mnemosyne in the Classroom

Virtually all of us teach Latin, Greek, or both to beginning students. We constantly encourage and press these students (indeed all our students) to work

Introducing History Through Debate

As a Latin teacher, I’m always eager to expose students to the great political sweep of epic events that is Roman history but stymied by