Shipwrecks, Irrigation, and Backyard Finds: Links for 3 April

Shipwrecks–one of the best ways to learn about cultures
Roman irrigation system found!!  How did the Romans grow crops, anyway?
Being a backyard Archaeologist can pay off!!
A terrific write up on the Roman Domus! (Great for Students!)
A very interesting piece about Women and Speech in Ancient Greece and Rome.
And how cool is this piece about the Campus Martius?

More from the CANE blog

Links for January 10th

Would you be considered beautiful in the ancient world?   More reasons why Homer may never have existed.   Some suggestions on how to use

Links for the Week of 9 December

Information about the ancient world from grape seeds: (via @DrKillgrove) Rick Riordan has a teacher’s guide for the Camp Half Blood Books: (via

In Praise of Mnemosyne in the Classroom

Virtually all of us teach Latin, Greek, or both to beginning students. We constantly encourage and press these students (indeed all our students) to work

Exploring Ancient Rome with eToga Trek

This past school year, Ascanius: The Youth Classics Institute introduced a new program, eToga Trek, whose goal was to share Latin and Ancient Rome with