Links for the week of 2 September

Podcast on Caesar’s Army (from Prof. Francese on Latin Best Practices):”
Podcast on Caesar’s Strategy and Genius (from Prof. Francese on Latin Best Practices):
“The New York Times reports that the motto of the Bronx is “ne cede malis” – and discusses both the history of the Bronx and the appropriateness of the quote.” (via Ruth Breindel)
“The Attack Ad, Pompeii-Style” (via @Caecilius and many others)
The Vatican will be establishing a new academy for the study of Latin (article has some modern terms in Latin as well): (via @adrianmurdoch)

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Latin stories

Today’s post is a guest post from T. J. Howell. ——— Advanced Grammar Activities It’s that time of year again. Time to introduce the ablative

paucī ludī ad discendum

At C.A.N.E. Summer Institute this year, I had the chance to read some of Quintilian’s dē Institutione Oratoria, in which the first century Roman author

Conditions Powerpoint

Ruth Breindel has generously shared a powerpoint to explain conditional sentences in Latin. CONDITIONS.ppt

Latin Podcast Roundup

I know that I have school colleagues whose summer vacation is more than three weeks off (my wife, sadly, is one of these). But I