Spoken Latin Workshops

So you want to explore using spoken Latin in your classes? Intrigued and want to learn more? There are many opportunities to do so! The organization that has the largest number of opportunities is SALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum). This year, they offer you 5 separate choices:
• Biduum Latinum — a weekend event designed to jump start or recharge your active Latin. 
Getty Villa, Malibu, CA (January 12-13); Claymont Mansion, Charles Town, WV (February 22-24); Clear Creek Abbey, Tulsa, OK (March 9-11).
• Academia Aestiva Latina — June 24-28, a semi-immersion event for secondary school students. 
Co-sponsored and hosted by the Getty Villa, Malibu, CA.
• Septimana Californiana — July 1-8, a full week of Latin discussions and sight-seeing excursions. 
Housed at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA.
• Rusticatio — July 4-11 AND July 18-25; a full week of classroom sessions, cooking, and playing in Latin. 
Housed at Claymont Mansion, Charles Town, WV. (2 weeks, same curriculum–Pick one!)
• Pedagogy Rusticatio (conducted in English) — July 12-17; an intensive introduction to best practices in language instruction, with guided practice sessions. 
Housed at Claymont Mansion, Charles Town, WV.
There are many other workshops and resources around the country!
Conventiculum Bostoniense
Conventiculum Lexingtoniense
Conventiculum Buffaloniense
Conventiculum Vasintoniense
I cannot recommend SALVI’s Pedagogy Rusticatio and Rusticatio enough. It is where I became a spoken Latin believer. Argue what you will, but don’t judge until you try!
Have you been to one of these programs? Do you use spoken Latin in your classes? Comment and tell us more!

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