Thursday Resource: @CryForByzantium

The Twitter account @CryForByzantium recently finished tweeting Byzantine history and has started again. It’s told clearly and humorously, and following is a great way to brush up on your Byzantine history.

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Links for 16 May

A video about the life of Roman girls. Caroline Lawrence writes about the sewers of Herculaneum. “Latin’s Place in Modern Society”

A Response to Mary Beard

I wanted to write a response to Mary Beard’s August 11th “A Don’s Life,” entitled “What does the Latin actually say?” because I think it

Links for the week of 4 November

Comparisons of mummy portraits with the mummies’ faces: (via @DrKillgrove) A new online Latin dictionary: (via @etclassics) A reconstruction of a dish from

Links For the Week of 24 February

Contests The contest to name Pluto’s moons runs until noon EST on Monday: Bulletins and Newsletters The Canadian Classical Bulletin is out for February: