Thursday Resource: Latin for Addicts

LfA Latin for Addicts is the blog of a grad student who is systematically going through Allen and Greenough. Each post discusses a topic from the grammar and gives reminders of quirks of the language (of the Latin and of the writing of A&G). It’s a fun refresher to get a daily post in your feed reader about some point of grammar.
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My Online Teaching Experience So Far

I have been very fortunate in my experience with Carmenta Online.  The Head of School is a kind scholar who supports his faculty and students

Links for 22 August

TED-Ed explains the etymology behind the word “sarcophagus.” What’s Greek about Greek Life Organizations? (via @camwsclassics) Boston students go to National Certamen Championship (via @ClassColl)

paucī ludī ad discendum

At C.A.N.E. Summer Institute this year, I had the chance to read some of Quintilian’s dē Institutione Oratoria, in which the first century Roman author