The harried life of a senior advisor

Phew, it has been a crazy few weeks for me as my school wraps up its academic year. I happen to be a co-advisor for the senior class, which has involved coordinating and orchestrating many senior week events, rehearsals, and the daunting graduation speech to come this weekend. With that in mind, I present some classic “oldies but goodies” from our archive. Our posting schedule will be lighter over the summer, as we find there are fewer announcements and less interest in pedagogical articles. If you have interest in writing articles, or ideas for new content, please contact us at
Emily Lewis’s Epic Mythology Project
Lydia Haile Fassett’s Latin Dictionary Game
Michael Hoffman’s Reflections of a First Year Teacher
My own Latin Lang Chat Reflections

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Links for 6 June

Turns out one of our own CANEns editors, Emily Lewis, also keeps a blog called Aut Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam, and she’s got some really

Neutrality Is Not an Option

Last week, I received an email from the independent non-profit, New Hampshire Humanities, stating their organization’s commitment to “the ongoing work of ending systemic racism