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2020 CANE Annual Meeting Call for Papers

NB: Deadline extended! December 31, 2019

All university and college teachers, secondary school teachers, graduate students, and friends of the classics are cordially invited to submit abstracts for presentations of papers and workshops at the next CANE Annual Meeting, to take place at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, on 13-14 March 2020. Please submit your paper abstracts and workshop proposals by December 15, 2019 December 31, 2019 via our proposal submission form or via email to  

Proposals for papers, workshops, discussion groups, and, in a new departure this year, poster sessions related to the ancient Greco-Roman world will be considered. Studies of authors and works taught in schools and colleges are welcome, as are papers and workshops on art, archaeology, history, mythology, and pedagogy. A major focus for this year will be classical outreach, in addition to college and university pedagogy and poster sessions, and proposals in those areas will be especially welcome.

Please send a one-page abstract (about 300 words) for all papers and workshops. Remember that individual papers are limited to a 15-minute delivery time and workshops must not exceed a one-hour window. Guidelines for submission are available here.

The Barlow-Beach Distinguished Service Award

The Barlow-Beach Award, the highest honor CANE can bestow, was established in 1977 in honor of Claude Barlow, who served for ten years (1952-1962) as Secretary-Treasurer of CANE and then as its President in 1964, and of Goodwin Beach, who established CANE’s Endowment Fund. The award is given to individuals who are notable for their distinguished service to CANE and to the Classics in New England. The Award is given annually at the Annual Meeting.

Any CANE member may make a nomination for the Barlow-Beach. Nominations for this award in 2020 are due to the president, John Higgins, ( by December 16th, 2019.