Shipwrecks, Irrigation, and Backyard Finds: Links for 3 April

Shipwrecks–one of the best ways to learn about cultures
Roman irrigation system found!!  How did the Romans grow crops, anyway?
Being a backyard Archaeologist can pay off!!
A terrific write up on the Roman Domus! (Great for Students!)
A very interesting piece about Women and Speech in Ancient Greece and Rome.
And how cool is this piece about the Campus Martius?

Thursday Resource: Glossa

This week’s resource is Glossa, an online Latin dictionary. You can search Glossa from the website or by replacing PutWordHere in the address with the word of your choice. It’s nice for quickly looking up a word without needing to search through the interface.
Glossa also integrates with Alfred on the Mac, meaning that you can type a trigger word and then look up the word in Glossa from any program on your computer.

Thursday Resource: Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis

Do you need to know how to say “plaid” in Latin? “Taxi?” “Mountain bike?”
If so, look no farther than the Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis. It has an interesting mix of words translated into Latin. The non-Latin column is a mix of English and Italian, so you may have to use another dictionary to find your target words.
(Thanks to Emil Penarubia for the link.)