Announcements for February 16



  • CLIPEUS is running several Latin speaking meetups in Boston. Check the link for upcoming events.
  • The New England Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language is at the Copley Place hotel in Boston March 27-30th, and promises a full schedule of Latin seminars, talks, and workshops. Sign up through the NECTFL website.
  • The American Philological Association (APA) is accepting applications for three fellowship programs that may be of interest to CANE members. APA membership is not required to submit an application for any of these programs, two of which are named for long-time participants in CANE.
  • 2014 Pedagogy Awards. Fellowships to support professional development by both collegiate and precollegiate teachers. Application deadline: March 3.
  • 2014 Zeph Stewart Latin Teacher Training Award. Support for individuals seeking to obtain Latin teacher certification. Application deadline: March 3.
  • SALVI’s Rusticatio Latin July 2014 immersion weeks and pedagogy seminars are now open for registration. If a whole week is too much, you could sign up for their Biduum, Feb. 21-23.
  • The Vergilian Society is holding its first annual Vergil translation contest for students in K-12. To register, sign up here by 18 February. The contest will be the week of 24-28 February.
  • McGill is offering a summer course in Classical Studies in June and July. Check out their flyer.