Thursday Resource: CANE Annual Meeting

This week’s resource isn’t a website or an app like earlier ones have been: it’s a meeting.
The CANE Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to hear about developments in the Classical world, network, attend professional development workshops aimed at Latin teachers, buy books and classroom items, and just talk to other people who also teach Latin or Greek or Classics. The 2013 meeting will be 15-16 March at UConn. (Full details are here:
The deadline for proposals for papers or workshops is 1 December. You can submit them here:
If financial constraints make you worried, there is the Finnegan-Plante scholarship to defray the costs of attending. Infrmation is available here:
What’s your favorite part about Annual Meeting?

Links for the Week of 21 October

The #LatinTweetUp will be happening on 10/25 (via @AIRomanCulture).
Shelly McCormick-Lane has collected a list of scholarships for Latin students:
A new Roman catacomb has been discovered by people following a cat: (via @guardian)
Paul Hudson (@twostraws) has two new Latin iOS apps (links are to the App Store): Latin Pairs and Latin Scramble. Teachers can get free copies by e-mailing
A detailed, interactive map of the Roman Empire: (via @markhilverda)
“The Aeneid: The Animated Short:” (via @etclassics)
An article about the Antikythera shipwreck: (via @michaelmuseums)
Roman broken bone setting:
An analysis of the filming of the Widow of Ephesus scene in Fellini’s Satyricon:

Links for the week of 23 September

CANE reminder: The deadline to apply for a grant from the discretionary fund, which can be used for classroom tools, is 1 October:
Exciting developments in ancient mapping: (via @portableant)
An interesting exhibit on Pompeii and Herculaneum at the British Museum:
The Roman History Books Reading Group will be readingThe Naked Olympics in October: @markhilverda)