Roman soldiers repelling a car, movies in Latin, and more: Links for 24 April

Using a car to attack a testudo formation. (via @BenKaneAuthor)
A selection of links that includes Disney movies with captions in Latin. (via @latinlanguage)
A map of Aeneas’s travels. (via @ancientblogger)
Ostia is larger than we had thought! (via @UNRV )
Sadly, this course on Byzantine food is in California, not New England, but the article about it is interesting. (via @artshifting)
”Ancient puppy paw prints!” (via @ClassColl)
Ancient medicine found in a shipwreck. (via @ClassColl)
Cloelia is running a survey on feminism and pedagogy in Classics.
(Edited to fix a link.)

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