Galen, Gay Marriage, and Grim Tidings – Links for 4 June

Here are some links we found interesting across the Internet this week!

  • The New York Times has a great article on the rediscovery of Galen’s On the Mixtures and Powers of Simple Drugs hidden beneath another text, and how it sparked the resurgence of other pages from across the world.
  • James McGlone’s Harvard Latin commencement speech is on YouTube.
  • Michael Fontaine (Cornell) has written an article in Eidolon called Straight Talk about Gay Marriage in Ancient Rome.
  • Gregory Crane (Tufts) shares some sobering data about Latin and Greek enrollments in both secondary and higher education which is already prompting interesting discussion on Facebook.
  • Apparently #MagnaCarta is a thing, what with the 800th anniversary and all!

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